Josh Robinson is the co-founder of RedPrint Strategy, a campaign and award winning media and digital consulting firm specializing in innovative campaign advertising and strategy for A-list political campaigns, PACs, State Parties, Trade Associations and National Campaign Committees.

Prior to RedPrint, Josh served as Political Director of the Republican Governors Association where he managed a $55 million political budget and oversaw the largest Independent Expenditure campaign defending Gov. Scott Walker in the historic 2012 recall election victory.

In November of 2012 under Josh’s leadership, the RGA successfully defended all incumbent and open Republican seats and helped elect the first Republican Governor in North Carolina in two decades, making the RGA the only Republican committee to add members that cycle.

During the 2010 cycle Josh served as Director of Political operations for Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor.

Over the years, Josh has served as campaign manager and consultant on a number of successful state and congressional campaigns. He worked on John McCain’s presidential campaign where he served as the South Carolina Statewide Field Director in 2007. In the ‘08 cycle he served as a Regional Political Director for the National Republican Congressional Committee focusing on the South and Southwest. During that tough year for Republican candidates, Josh worked with four of the five Republican challenger campaigns that were successful in unseating incumbent Democrats. Following the election, Josh spent time on Capitol Hill serving as Chief of Staff for Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-LA) in 2009.

Josh has been distinguished as one of Campaign & Elections magazine “Rising Stars” in 2011 and one of their 2013 “Influencers 500″. A native Texan, Josh is a proud graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Finance. He currently resides in Austin, TX.

“Josh Robinson did a great job leading the RGA’s political team that helped increase our GOP majority of governorships in a very difficult electoral year.”
– New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez